The Canadian Don Quixote _ DAVID R. BEASLEY


The Life and Works of Major John Richardson, Canada’s First Novelist
ISBN: 9780915317189
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Publisher: David Beasley
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Richardson (1796-1852) born in Newark, Upper Canada and dying in New York City, laid the foundations of Canadian literature. The author of Wacousta and The Canadian Brothers had an adventurous, energetic life, as this standard biography so well reveals. Beasleys whole work teems with such careful, loving research and this makes his biography of Richardson not only a good read but the fulfillment of what’s usually called ‘an aching void. James Reaney, poet and playwright. … whose life was so filled with dramatic events, whose career brought him in contact with important historical figures and episodes, and who first showed that Canadian history was interesting enough to be matter for literature. George Woodcock, The Globe and Ma
pages: 341

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The Canadian Don Quixote

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